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About Capo Group

We are one of the biggest business holding company in the world, uniting companies and organizations under one structure, trying to connect major and important business’ activities and, in such a way, create one unique brand name for quality, precision and top-class solutions. Our company is a cluster of businesses, standing for innovations and flexibility.

Capo Group unites 420 members, employing more than 600 thousand employees. The number of employees is always increasing.


The total turnover of the all Capo Group controlled companies has reached $62 billion in 2014. The forecasted turnovers for the year 2015 are $70 billion.

Turnovers of recent years:

  • 2013 - $53 billion;
  • 2012 - $40 billion;
  • 2011 - $49 billion;
  • 2010 - $44 billion;
  • 2009 - $39 billion.

Our History

Since 1981

Capo Group history starts in 1980 when the first beauty salon of Mr. Tranito opened its doors and attracted lots of attention and became profitable. Due to our perseverance, throughout the period of two years, nine more beauty salons were opened. Since 1982, the net of beauty salons continued to expand into Spain, where four new beauty salons were established.

A beauty salon company Santa Betty had fifteen beauty salons in Italy and Spain and continued to expand its beauty empire. The next step was to create a beauty cosmetics line and in order to implement it, Capo Group opened a new factory in Milan.

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Business cluster: after working for a long time in one of the business branches, we decided to develop our product’s growth and spread. Upon the production of one particular product, the need to hire third parties and collaborate manifested itself in the company’s activities. However, after new business and corporation management systems were invented, we began to search for possible merger partners, who would be able to contribute and help to develop our product.

Throughout the period of two years, our company, which mostly dealt in the production of some products, managed to attract various companies from different fields, such as marketing, transport and logistics and other companies which provided various services for the group members and recommended themselves as highly suitable for the work with clients.

Today this business cluster is one of our most important achievements.

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The department is responsible for new investments, scientific institutions and new technologies which are crucial for the company’s future success, effectiveness and quality.


Our holding is the leader in pharmacy production and sales. Along with this, we are dominating in the market of logistics and service providers for the sectors of pharmacy and healthcare.

Wood industry

The World leading manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood-alternative products. Exceptional quality. Undeniable service. Superior performance.

Steel industry

Global leaders in stainless steel with cold-rolling capacity of 2.6 million tones. Capo Group members create advanced materials that are efficient, long lasting and recyclable – helping to build a world that lasts forever.

Chemicals industry

One of the most profitable unit which connects various chemical companies around the world. These are the biggest manufacturing companies with the main purpose of offering various solutions and production of chemicals.

Key Members of The Board

The Capo Group Board of Directors, representing the voices and views of its members and stakeholders, guides the strategic direction of Capo Group’s work.
The Capo Group Board oversees and provides approval for Capo Group’s strategic plans, business plans, annual work plans and large-scale projects. With guidance from the Capo Group Membership Committee, the Board gives final approval for new membership applications. Following recommendations from the Capo Group Finance Committee, the Board also approves Capo Group’s annual budgets and membership and affiliate fees. Capo Group’s Board of Directors meets at least twice a year in person.

Since 2006

Lucas Tranito

Chairman of the Board, CEO

Age: 48. Chairman and CEO of Capo Group, Board member since 2006, term of office renewed in 2014. IMBC Inc. Board member.

Since 1985

Mariano Tranito

Founder, President

Age: 71. Founder of Capo Group, Board member since 1985, term of office renewed in 2012 and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Since 1997

Charles Brabeck-Meyers

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Age: 69. Capo Group Board member since 1997, term of office renewed in 2013 and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Member of the Board of Directors of BNP Paribas Bank. Board member of Shell Mobil (United States).

Since 1991

Louis M. Raymond

Vice president, Board member

Age: 68. Capo Group Board member since 1991, term of office renewed in 2014. Former Chairman and CEO of Esse. Member of the Supervisory Board of J.P. Morgan & Co.