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Purposes of Capo Group

Business cluster: after working for a long time in one of the business branches, we decided to develop our product’s growth and spread. Upon the production of one particular product, the need to hire third parties and collaborate manifested itself in the company’s activities. However, after new business and corporation management systems were invented, we began to search for possible merger partners, who would be able to contribute and help to develop our product.

Throughout the period of two years, our company, which mostly dealt in the production of some products, managed to attract various companies from different fields, such as marketing, transport and logistics and other companies which provided various services for the group members and recommended themselves as highly suitable for the work with clients.

Today this business cluster is one of our most important achievements.

Support for Beauty and Health

Our groups’s main priority is the value of true and healthy beauty. This outlook has not changed ever since. Huge experience in the beauty industry allows us to call ourselves powerful and true specialists of this market. In order to ensure the safety of our clients’ health, we decided to make our products from ecological ingredients. We use the most modern technologies in the field to achieve our goals, while creating new products in our laboratories. By providing the cosmetics of the highest standards, we managed to reach the highest quality standards. Our products are used by the most respectable beauty salons and centers worldwide. Our products are valued by hair stylists and barbers all around the globe.


After the successful geographical spread in the beauty industry, we have taken on new challenges. In order to develop the newest technologies and decisions, we opened the doors for the global market. In 2001, we decided to fund substantial amount of our investments into the newest and the most innovative technologies, applicable in the production, beauty industry, and, most importantly, in support of ecology.

Support for Business

Our achieved experience, along with substantial profits, allowed us an opportunity to support others. We provide support for various associations, sports and people in need. This means great responsibility and we have extended it to by creating a charitable organization Capo Group Society, which unites a circle of the world’s renowned businessmen. We appreciate their help for the improvement of the world’s nature, humanity and further developments.


One of the most branches of our company is comprised of various solutions for chemical processes and fixings. CG Chemicals Group specializes in providing various complex solutions for the production of fertilizers and coal mining.