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History of Capo Group S.p.A.

Capo Group history starts in 1980 when the first beauty salon of Mr. Tranito opened its doors and attracted lots of attention and became profitable. Due to our perseverance, throughout the period of two years, nine more beauty salons were opened. Since 1982, the net of beauty salons continued to expand into Spain, where four new beauty salons were established.

A beauty salon company Santa Betty had fifteen beauty salons in Italy and Spain and continued to expand its beauty empire. The next step was to create beauty cosmetics line and for this step Capo Group launch first production site at Milan.

Capo Group is a management conception which has been implemented since 1987. The company’s management conception and principles were established in 1988 upon the signing of collaboration agreements between Italian and Spanish business associations, seeking to unite more business corporations into one segment. This was successfully implemented in 1989 by the President of Capo Group Mariano Tranito who was the owner of Santa Betty controlling the net of beauty salons and spas in Italy and Spain.

This system functioned for the purposes of unification between businesses and to create one name reflecting quality, precision and landmark brand name.


• 1980 – The first beauty salon of Santa Betty opens its doors in Italy;
• 1982 – Nine more beauty salons are opened. Since 1982, the net of beauty salons continues to expand to Spain, where four new beauty salons are opened.
• 1986 – Santa Betty continues to expand and create its beauty empire. The company establishes three more spas in Spain and the Island of Ibiza.
• 1989 – The market hears the first rumors of the company’s need to become a stock company. President of Capo Group Mariano Tranito, who previously owned Santa Betty, established a center network for beauty salons and spas and called it Business Heads Team (SC).
• 1990 – Business Heads Team is renamed into Capo Group.
• 2002 – The business network continued to expand into Russia and other Asian countries (China, India, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia).
• 2006 – The business continued to expand to North America, including Canada, and opened twelve new branches.
• 2007 – The further development in South America; 2 more branches opened. • 2009 – The number of branches reached 30.
• 2010 – The overall turnover of the business network reached $44 billion. Group constantly funds various scientific and innovative projects.
• 2011 – The company’s members have generated 39 billion EUR in turnover. In order to manage the company more effectively, the Executive Committee has been established with 12 members around the world.
• 2013 – The company has created 38 branch offices in six continents; turnover has increased to 40 billion EUR and reached the planned 42 billion EUR.