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Group composition


One Name for Each Industry

An Italian capital stock company, also known as an holding companyCapo Group, owns 38 main branches around the world and connects 420 members from various fields of companies and their groups employing almost 620 000 individuals.

The most important work is undertaken by an international cluster of companies under the title of World Wide Industry Cluster (WWIC) which has managed to connect more than 300 companies in the last decade. This has opened up new possibilities for collaborations which was undreamed of thirty years ago and now can offer the widest selection of quality products and services.

The biggest part of profits is made by the company’s chemical branch and its companies which create chemical products and various supplements for production purposes. Also, the company’s involvement with other industries such as wood, steel or cosmetics and even spa hotels create another substantial part of profits.

Our Main Areas of Business


The World leading manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood-alternative products. Exceptional quality. Undeniable service. Superior performance.



Global leaders in stainless steel with cold-rolling capacity of 2.6 million tones. Capo Group members create advanced materials that are efficient, long lasting and recyclable – helping to build a world that lasts forever.



One of the most profitable unit which connects various chemical companies around the world. These are the biggest manufacturing companies with the main purpose of offering various solutions and production of chemicals.



This is the main branch connecting more than 30 percent of the overall activities of Capo Group Holding. It is a network of providers and associated institutions cooperating together in one type of industry.



Our holding is the leader in pharmacy production and sales. Along with this, we are dominating in the market of logistics and service providers for the sectors of pharmacy and healthcare.



The department is responsible for new investments, scientific institutions and new technologies which are crucial for the company’s future success, effectiveness and quality.